Why Buy Hvac System With Inverter Technology?

Air conditioners with inverter technology are becoming more common than a normal air conditioner. Large numbers of peoples are switching towards inverter technology because of their higher energy efficiency, better comfort and other various advantages.

Instead of turning the compressor on/off inverter regulate the speed of the motor to maintain the desired temperature helps in saving the energy and cools the room quickly. These inverts convert the AC current to DC current for operating your unit.

Benefits of air conditioners with inverter technology

• Increased life span

Inverter technology prevents the air conditioner from changing electric loads they also result in larger life of your system. They do not turn the compressor on/off continuously which prevents the compressor from overheating.

• Saves energy

In a normal HVAC system the compressor runs at a fix speed. It turns on and runs at its full capacity until the desired temperature is reached and then turns off. When the inside temperature rises same cycle is repeated this result in larger energy consumption. As starting a compressor requires 6 times more energy than normal.

While systems with inverter technology come with variable frequency drive this drive helps in increasing or decreasing the speed of the compressor. It increases the speed when it requires cooling and slows it down once the desired temperature is reached. This prevents the on off cycle and results in lower energy consumption.

• Constant temperature

Being able to increase or decrease the speed allows the system to adjust the output in very small increment to maintain the temperature. As only small adjustments are required it helps in maintaining the constant temperature. Continuous adaption to the cooling demand provides high energy savings and accurate temperature.

• Better comfort

It runs without making many changes and maintains the constant room temperature all the time. With minimum fluctuation of temperature they provide comfortable environment to the people inside the house.

• Less noise

It is another advantage of using air conditioners with inverter technology. It operates without making much noise. Most of the compressor with inverter technology starts smoothly than traditional systems.

• Reduced problems inside the system

They prevent the high stress on the machines they help in reducing the service cost and cause less wear and tear to the unit and also help to reduce the power back up loads.



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