What Must Be Done If Your Ac Has Been Damaged By Blood?

In rainy season your air conditioner might get damaged because of flood. Floods mostly damage the basement off the house. It is the place where your indoor unit is mostly located.

Floods cause a major damage to the indoor as well as outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Repairing a flood damaged air conditioner could be highly expensive.

What to do?

Before your go anywhere near your unit you must turn off the electric supply of the system. If you feel it will not be safe for you to go near the system call the professional for doing the repair work.

The amount of the damage done to the system depends on the amount of time it was inside the basement.

Most of the time people are forced to repair their AC unit. But if there are any chances of repair it must be done by the experts. However you can perform the following activities to maintain the good environment.

Outdoor unit

• Turn the breaker off.
• Open the top cover of the unit and clean the coils.
• Check all the wires, connectors or major components for corrosion.
• Check the condensate fan motor whether it is damaged, also check the seal on condenser.

Indoor unit

• While inspecting your indoor unit you must turn off the power form the thermostat and the remove the switch.
• Allow your indoor unit to dry properly.
• Check the wires and other electric components for corrosion.
• Do not do the repairing work if your unit ahs came in contact with water. Let the professional come in and check whether unit is in the condition to work or not.
• Remove the air filters this would prevent your unit from further damage.

An HVAC professional will never suggest you to go even near to the system unless you have certain electric knowledge.

Most of the time people prefer to buy the new system as the repairing cost is high and also new system will have higher efficiency.



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