What Is Duct Cleaning?

Good indoor air quality of your home is vital, having your heating or cooling system clean and properly serviced is necessary for good indoor air quality and to maintain proper comfort inside the home.

Cleaning of air ducts is also essential. You must clean the air ducts at once in every two or three years. When you turn on your HVAC system dirt, dust and animal hairs and other small components get pulled inside the system .these dirty particles get stuck in the ducts and make your system dirty.

Nearly 40 pounds of dirt get collected inside your system and make it dirty. Indoor air is nearly 4 times more polluted than the outside air.

Duct cleaning must be done by professionals. Professional duct cleaning service uses blowers, vacuums and brushes the clean the supply and return air ducts of your system. Professionals also include cleaning of coils, blower motor, housing and fans of your heating or cooling device.

According the environmental agency no study has shown that cleaning air ducts helps to improve the indoor air quality or clean the ducts of your house. Cleaning of air ducts can cost your around 300$-500$ depending on the size of your ducts and number of vents present inside the ducts.

It is necessary to get your duct cleaned form the HVAC professionals only if the ducts are not cleaned properly it can cause indoor air problems.

Advantages of duct cleaning

Even though there is no proof that cleaning of air ducts improves indoor air quality, but cleaning of air ducts is not the waste of money it has several advantages:

1. Increases efficiency

Dirt and dust build up inside the system does not allow the air to flow freely inside the house which means your system has to work harder and it costs more.

Cleaning the ducts increases the air flow and your unit can easily circulate cool air through the house,

2. Clean air

As the ducts are source for the air to enter through the house, if the ducts are clean than air coming out of the system will be not contain dust particles and will be free of allergens.

3. Prevents illness

If any member of family is suffering from respiratory problems or allergens, you may want to clean the ducts to see if HVAC system was the culprit.




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