What Is Dc Inverter?

Air conditioners with dc inverter technology are gaining more popularity than a normal air conditioner. Dc inverters control the compressors speed, maintain the desired temperature. In dc motors variable frequency drive consists of an electric inverter which helps in regulating the motors speed.

Inverter controls the compressor to drive variable refrigerant flow to increase or decreasing the temperature. Cost of air conditioners with inverts more is higher than split air conditioners.

In dc inverter a rectifier is used to convert alternating (AC) current into direct current (DC). Various protecting and monitoring circuits are built in the motor to ensure the efficiency and reliability of your system. A system with dc inverter has bigger life and prevents the motor from fluctuating load.

Air conditioners with inverters operate smoothly, consume less electricity and have lesser break down. in air conditioners without inverter compressor is of on/off type i.e. either they run at full speed or won’t run at all. If your AC has inverter it will use motor with variable speed to slow down or increase the speed of the compressor as per the required temperature.

Working of inverter

If you set the temperature in an air conditioner without inverter the air conditioner will turn off as soon as the temperature is reached. And will start again when the temperature raises, this on and off cycle results in large amount of energy wastage.

With the use of air conditioner speed of the compressor can be adjusted and the AC can maintain the required temperature without continuous on/off cycle. Once the desired temperature is achieved 2 ton AC will become 0.5 ton AC. Inverter ACs increase the output to achieve the desired temperature than air supply is reduced once the desired temperature.

Advantages of DC inverter

• This is one of the biggest advantages of the DC inverter in air conditioner it results in large amount of energy savings. By preventing the ON/OFF cycle and varying the speed of the compressor it reduces the energy consumption by 20%-30%.
• Regular air conditioner motors need 6 times more current to start up but DC inverts motor runs at a variable speed because of which it requires much lesser current to start.
• They cool the room quickly than normal ACs which will increase the comfort level of the individual.
• Outdoor unit having the inverter compressor is much more silent than the non inverter compressor.
• Avoids the excessive loads when air conditioners operate.

Disadvantages of DC inverter

• ACs with inverter technology cost much more than normal ACs.
• Circuit board is more complicated than normal air conditioners.
• Electromagnetic noise is generated as a result of chopping the voltage. This noise can create electrical disturbances to other home appliances.
• Refrigerant used in these ACs is more expensive than normal refrigerants.



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