Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Studies have shown that air which we breathe inside the home is more highly polluted than the air outside the house. They can have adverse effects on you resulting in various diseases like headache, cough, sneezing, itching in eyes and other diseases.

Air inside your house can be polluted because of dust present in the mattresses or carpet or dirty air filters or pet hairs.

Indoor air pollution has became the major problem because people spend most of their times indoor, it has became essential to improve the indoor air quality of your house.

Various ways to improve indoor air quality are

1. Improving ventilation

To get the maximum amount of efficiency from their heating and cooling system people insulate their house completely. This does not allow the outside air to enter the house and results in reduced air flow.

When the temperature outside is comfortable turn off your heating and cooling system and open doors and windows of your house. Proper ventilation will allow fresh air to come inside the house.

2. Moisture control

Keep your home dry and clean. Control the humidity level of your house. Do not over water the plants. If there is presence of water in the house it will result in mould build-up.

Keep the humidity level of your house up to 60% humidity for proper comfort. Use humidifiers to control the humidity of your house.

3. Changing air filters and duct cleaning

Change the air filters of your house once in every month. If air filters are dirty than air coming out of your HVAC system will be full of dirt and pollutants.

Leak in the duct work will allow dust particles to entre inside the system and entre the house through the ducts.

4. Turn on AC

When it gets too hot or cold outside turn on your HVAC system, your AC removes the excess of moisture which does not allow the mould to build up and also filter the allergens from entering the house.

5. Air cleaners

Air cleaners are highly effective to remove the dust particles and provide you fresh air to breathe however air cleaners are not suitable to remove the gaseous pollutants.

Following these tips you can control the air pollution inside your house and provide you fresh air to breathe.




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