Ultraviolet Uv Light For Fresh And Mould?

Ultraviolet UV lights are been used for many purposes like purifying waters, sterilizing hospitals and many other uses. UV lights are so effective that they are even used to improve the indoor air quality.

UV lights can be easily installed near the cooling coils in your HVAC system. Various micro dirt particles and mould spores are present in the air. UV air filters kill these dirt particles by not any kind of filtration process but with the help of UV rays.

Ultraviolet UV light purifiers provide you healthier and fresher indoor air.


UV light purifiers are placed near the cooling coils of your AC system. These light kill mould spores, germs, bacteria and viruses present inside the system.

UV light air purifiers stop the growth of mould and bacteria inside your system and this prevents your home from mildew and mouldy odour.

The clear blue light of the UV air purifiers purifies the air. These environmental friendly UV air purifiers remove the harmful dirt and dust particles present in the air without making use of components which can harm the environment.

UV air purifiers prevents the cooling coils from being clogged with dirt and debris so your HVAC system runs efficiently and cools the room quickly and improves the comfort level.


UV air purifiers do have some maintenance work. The bulb of these air purifiers is to be replaced every year. Changing the bulb makes sure that your system runs efficiently.


• Remove the mould from your house.
• Prevents your family from allergies.
• Keeping the air clean makes it easy for the people to breathe and results in less respiratory problems.
• Increases the efficiency of your HVAC system.
• Removes the foul odour of mould which provides better comfort.
• Destroys the harmful viruses and bacteria inside the house.
• This type of air purifiers do not have air filters so you do not to worry about changing filters.


• UV purifiers destroy various micro organisms present in the air but they do not kill all the harmful dirt particles.
• UV purifiers can provide you better performance if they are used with other types of air purifiers.
• Being an electrical component its efficiency will reduce and are need to be replaced sooner or later.
• Some of the UV purifiers make use of harmful ozone to kill micro organisms which is dangerous of environment and human health.



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