Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-fi Thermostat A Review

“Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever.”- Daniel Goleman. Yes, the advent of smart phones have totally changed our lives .The apps ‘peppered’ phones now enable you to carry out a range of errands on your phone - mobile-banking, browsing, booking a transport that includes air travel too etc. It has in fact reached a more subtle level. The applications related to fitness tracker sends prompts to be more active or consume more water. You can monitor your baby from work daylong. You will be getting constant updates about her heart rate and oxygen stats. And the now latest news is that you can control your thermostat through your cell phone.

Honeywell has lately come with a model called the Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat that automatically controls heating and cooling system without your intervention. But that does almost every digital thermostat. What separates it from the crowd is that it can be operated through your smart phone. So now you can set the temperatures of you’re A/c by sitting at office. It integrates with Samsung Smart Things, Apple Home Kit, and Apple Watch. Although the design of the thermostat is relatively unexciting compared to Honeywell’s classic thermostat, which served as the design inspiration here,; here it is not looks but the performance. Let’s take a look at its top features:

• Previously you will set a temperature of your HVAC for particular times. Say, it should crank up a certain degrees higher, when you come home on winter evenings. But what if you come home early? The whole scheduling phenomenon fails there. It is here that Lyrics wins. It does not go by schedule but tracks a person’s habits, preferences, and dislikes. After a while, the thermostats get used to your day-to-day dealing with the HVAC such as when you turn the air up, when you turn it down. It tracks your usual hours at the house and also those that you spend outside. Accordingly it will direct the heating and cooling unit to do its job. It uses a technology called geofencing. Through this it can see where you are (if you are within its perimeter). It will accordingly adjust your heating and cooling systems so that it is the perfect temperature when you arrive.

Says Tony Uttley, vice president and general manager at Honeywell Home Comfort & Energy Systems, "There’s nothing to learn, no schedule to remember. If you have a day you’re home at 6 and one you’re home at 10, it’ll all work out."

• The best part of thermostat is that it also monitors the working of you HVAC. It keeps a track of how efficiently it is working. It keeps a record of how many times the HVAC is kicking on to cool or heat the house, and how much time it’s taking to reach a set temperature. On the basis of these data it analyses trends—such as if the efficiency has gone down by certain percentage compared to last year or if there are some bizarre occurrences in heater activity that could pre-empt a breakdown in the working the furnace. It even alerts you when the air filter needs to be changed!

• The thermostat gets used to your day-to-day schedule. It can also track your presence in the house. Therefore it uses its knowledge to streamline the operation for saving energy. For instance if you stay outside the house from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in colder months, the Lyric will automatically lower the temperature at these times. When it is almost time for you to come back, it will tune temperature at a higher level.

• The lyrics being connected the internet knows the weather outside. It also knows humidity level and every other detail that are published by the National Weather Service. Being connected to the internet you can access it from anywhere. Every member of your family can be linked to the Lyric through his or her individual iPhone.

• The backend of the Lyric platform has been designed by Honeywell to connect to Honeywell’s 90,000 contractors nationwide. This will enable you to keep them posted about the heater information. In case of fault, they can diagnose from a remote location.


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