Starting New Year With Fresh And Clean Air

Most of the people do not take steps to keep the air inside their house clean. To get proper comfort inside the house and to stay healthy it is essential to maintain the indoor air quality.

Make the resolution to keep the air inside the house clean and healthy and stick to it. There are several tips your can follow to keep the air inside the house clean and healthy.

• Checking humidity and temperature

To get the proper level of comfort temperature of your home should range between 680F-750F. Proper level of humidity is also necessary. If the humidity level is low your skin will become dry and if the humidity level rises than there will be mould build-up inside the house.

Install the humidifiers if necessary, humidifiers keep the air inside the house healthy and will also improve the efficiency of your furnace.

• Air purifiers

Best way to prevent your house from the moulds is the use of air purifiers. Air purifiers use HEPA (high Efficiency Particulate Air) air filters to trap the mould.

Most of the spores range from 3-100 microns but the spores of the mould can be as small as 1 micron. HEPA air filters are certified and are excellent in removing the microscopic particles.

• Essential oil

Make use of the essential oils to purify the air of your house instead of using air fresheners which are made up chemical and toxic substances. Use lemons or lemongrass, which are too good to smell instead of odour of harsh chemicals.

• Cleaning your surroundings

Start the New Year by cleaning your house. Cleaning your house will help you to remove dirt, dust and allergens from your home. If your home is unclean these particles will entre inside the body along with the air you breathe and can cause respiratory problems.

Keeping your home clean is the first step to stay healthy this year.

• Buy some plants

Buy some houseplants for your house. Houseplants will provide pleasant odour inside the house and they also do the work of removing carbon dioxide from the house naturally and replacing it with fresh oxygen.

Following these tips will help you to stay healthy by breathing fresh and clean air inside the house.



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