How To Freshen Up The House On The Eve New Year?

A new for most of us is symbol of a new beginning, new possibilities, new resolutions and, fresh ideas and thoughts. It is a period of mixed feeling as we bid adieu to a phase and welcome a new phase of life. However this fragile interval that separates two consecutive years is both pregnant and potential. We take time to evaluate our successes and failures of past year and learn from them. We ready ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually for our future. Our reflections and resolutions at this point of the annual wheel are critical. All these create the ambient atmosphere and attitude for the coming year. The beginning of new phase is also reflected in universal de-cluttering, and freshening up of the houses. Let’s take look at some useful tips of freshening up the house on this occasion.

• Today with increased rate of pollution- germs, bacteria and other contaminants in the air is also invading our houses. This has been a major cause of a string of health problems. New Year is a great time to have UV light fitted in the house. The lights beam out highest UV light intensity available to help kill germs. The system can bring down the concentrations of airborne bioaerosols (bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, and other icky things you don’t want floating around in your air) by half in just 45 minutes. They will save your HVAC and ducts from getting infested with germs and molds.

• It is also the right time to use oil diff users to clean your house instead of chemicals. Essential oils are known for curative properties both for physical and emotional healing since time immemorial even in kids. Today you have oil based cleaning products in the market that not only cleans your house well but leave it smelling fragrant rather than the odor of harsh chemicals.

• At this time of the year you should declutter your closet to stock up the holiday goodies. Closets are areas of the house which most often get cluttered with knick-knacks. Some of these go out of use. Get rid of the stuffs that you do not need any ore. The discarded stuffs can be donated to the needy. Clothes, coats, and other gently worn are often sought after in women’s shelters and children’s homes.

• This is the coldest time of the year. The season is extremely dry. The dryness would take toll on your health in form of dry skin, red ad itch eyes, drying mucous membranes in the nasal tract and breathing troubles. A humidifier will keep the house optimally moist. So get a humidifier fitted in your house, if you already do not have any. It will also save your furniture and walls from cracking due to dryness. It also makes you feel warmer at lower temperatures. Therefore you can save on energy bills.

• Carpets are one of the commodities of the house that retain lot of air pollutants, cause dust mite infestations, and even develop mold growth. Therefore you can place a call with a professional service cleaning to get your carpets spruced up for the New Year. The professionals will make them devoid of every speck of dust and contaminants through shampooing formulas and steam cleaning.

• The baseboards of the house get very dirty over time. We often do not have the time to clean them regularly. Dirty baseboards tarnish the polished look of your house. At this time you can touch up the paint on them to get rid of any scuffs.

• Throughout the year you try cooking recipes from various parts of the world. This requires stocking you panty with exotic spices, sauces, and other paraphernalia. Many of these get expired by the end of the year. Go through your pantry and clean out any expired food.

• A garden is an important part of the house. It makes the house air breathable to a large extent. It is here that you often come to relax. De-root the dead plants and weeds from the garden. Trim the bushes. Plant new plants to improve the look of the garden.

• Make your house fragrant by buying some new varieties of a candle, plug-in fragrances, etc. They will bring fresh scent in the house.

• Besides these you can change you pillows, mattresses, curtains and rugs on the floor if they are looking faded and tattered. New ones will brighten up the look of your house. You can get your walls painted or add new wall papers.



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