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A leap year usually comes after every four years. A leap year has 366days instead of usual 365 in a normal year. The extra day figures in the month of February as the 29th day of the month. Some HVAC tune up companies in the US offer discounts on HVAC tune up and on purchase of a new unit on this day to commemorate it.

Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning offered attractive rebates in all its centres across the U.S. on the last day of February this year for 2016 being a leap year. It offered a complete Precision Tune-Up for $29 which was way below the regular at $80 or more. It also offered its customer 29% off a on new system.

If you know that you that your HVAC can wait for another couple of years before it would need a replacement, target leap year for it. It can save you dollars on your new purchase. February is also the month when A/c tune-ups are done for the coming summer. There will be no better day to go for it than February 29. Says Rob Haines, Marketing Manager for Service Experts, “It will not be an exaggeration to say these are savings that only come along every few years. Sure saving money on February 29th sounds awesome, but do you know what’s even better.” What he means here is that you should regularly maintain and get your HVAC serviced to ensure that its lives its life and also do not consume extra energy to heat or cool your house.






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