Solar Air Conditioners Units

 Solar air conditioners use solar energy and electric energy for cooling your house. Any air conditioner cannot operate without electricity however solar ACs makes use of solar energy to run the refrigerant cycle.

As normal air conditioners occupy more than 40% of your electricity bill using solar energy as the energy source saves large amount of money.

Solar air conditioning can be done through passive solar, solar thermal energy or photovoltaic conversion. Solar systems reduce the consumption of these energy gasses resulting in less green house gas.

Working of solar air conditioner

In these air conditioners thermal energy is collected using thermal conductors which have copper coils to conduct heat. This heat generated by the solar panels is used to heat the refrigerant this converts it into a high pressure gas which travels from the condenser to evaporator.

By the time fluid leaves the compressor it becomes cooler and converts form gas to liquid. When the working fluid reaches the solar compressor it becomes a cool low pressure gas.

In normal air conditioners this entire process is done by the compressor. So a solar hybrid air conditioners capture thermal energy and the amount of work that compressor is required to do is reduced which helps the compressor to run for longer time period.

Vapour absorption type solar ACs

These are the most environmental friendly system. As instead of using Freon they make use of the water. Being CFC free they are harmless to the environment. And these systems do not require compressor to work so they save large amount of electricity too.
Benefits of solar ACs

• Solar energy is used for most of the cooling process so they reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioner.
• Non solar air conditioners require 30-40% more electricity to operate.
• Non CFC solar ACs are highly environmental friendly.
• Solar air conditioners are highly useful for factories, large complexes, school etc.
• Solar ACs reduces the load on compressor and it works for longer time period.
• Solar air conditioners have low maintenance cost.





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