Sickness From Bad Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is much more harmful than outdoor air pollution. As people spend most of their time indoors it is necessary that the air which they are breathing is clean and free of pollutants.

Indoor air pollution leads to various health problems. Indoor air pollution is caused due to reparable particles, chemical emission, combustion gasses, tobacco and pesticides.

Poor quality of the indoor air can affect the health safety and the comfort of the people inside the house.

Indoor air pollution is caused due to dirty air filters of your HVAC system, poor ventilation or dirty air ducts in the house. As people spend 90% of their time indoors, indoor air pollution is ranked as one of the most important environmental problems in United States.


1. Common problems

Indoor air pollution can cause few the most common on your health like

• Cold
• Coughing
• Headaches
• Itching in eyes, nose and throat
• Breathing problems

Most of the people think that these problems are the symptoms of some sickness but they might be caused due to poor quality of air inside the house.

2. Breathing problems

If dirt and dust are present inside the house they can get mixed with the air, on breathing this polluted air then these dirt particles will enter inside the lungs and can cause breathing problems.

3. Long term health issues

Indoor air quality can also result in various dangerous respiratory diseases and also long term health problems which can also result in death of the person. Some of these problems are

• Asthmatic attacks
• Damage to the heart, liver and kidney
• Lung diseases
• Nose bleed
• Pain in muscles
• Fever

To keep your family away from these problems do the yearly service of your conditioner and repair it whenever required. Make sure that your Air conditioner is running properly to keep the air inside the house cold, fresh and free of pollutants.




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