Protecting Your House From Summer Heat

In summer months air conditioner cover more than 50% of your total electricity bills as people depend only on air conditioners for removing the heat. There are number of ways to keep the heat away from your house.

Following some of the tips will help to keep your home cool naturally and reduce the load on air conditioner which keeps your utility bills lowered.

1. Planting tress

Plant tress outside the house trees will prevent your house from the direct sun contact. You can also use trees or plants to shade the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Shaded system will consume less electricity.

2. Close the drapes

Put the light colour fabric which reflects the sun. Close the drapes during afternoon time. Light colour drapes and curtains reduce the heat gain. Two layer drapes are most effective during summer.

3. Check doors and windows for air leaks

Put your hand near the ends of doors and windows if you feel any warm air it means that is air leak. Room should be air tights air leaks in the room reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner.

4. Installing fans

Fans help to move the cool air generated by air conditioners in the entire house. Using fans is a good way to keep you comfortable during the summer season.

5. Turn off electric appliances

Electric appliances generate heat energy when they run. Turning your TV, computer, ovens or other equipment offs will help to keep the house naturally cooler.

6. Painting exterior walls

Paint the exterior walls and the roof of your house with a light colour. Light colours reflect most of the sun light and keep your home cooler.

7. Shade screens

Install the solar screens outside the house. These screens do not allow the sunlight to enter through windows. You can also make use of the bamboo blinds as a shade screen.

These tips will help to reduce the energy consumption of your house by 20-25% and also reduce the load on air conditioners.



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