Keep Your Furnace Ready For The Festive Days

Winter is a time of the year that we all look forward to. You can feel the onset of this festive season is every aspect. Be it in fall color of vegetation, smell of dry fruits soaked in brandy, the pumpkins cut in Halloween shapes, the dryness in the air , vehicles beaming their headlights at six, chillness in the air, so on and so forth. As David Letterman said, “Fall is my favourite season in Los Angeles, watching the birds change color and fall from the trees.”

You gear up to mesmerize your guests with exotic recipes at this cerebration time. But to render your guests a memorable holiday you should also take into account other factors- the safety and comfort of your home. Say for instance, your furnaces goes out when you are partying hard, all your joys will dwindle into nothing. A furnace that heats the house is one of the main instruments of comfort during colder months. You should take care to maintain and ready it before winter dawns in.

• On the festival days the house will be packed with guests, with a functional oven cooking an array of lip-smacking food. It is better to lower down the temperature of the thermostat. The heat and crowd will make the room feel stuffy.

• In winters if you are going out of town to spend your holidays elsewhere, lower down the temperature of the thermostat. This will save you energy cost. But do not shut it altogether as it may cause ice build-up in the unit.

• Always check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. They should be working. If there is fire when so many people are inside the house it can lead to fatal consequences. At these times you have lots of open fires in and around the house in form of candles, chestnuts roasting on the fire etc. Fire hazard is not impossible. The U.S. Fire Administration said December is peak month for home candle fires. Therefore check the smoke detector for proper working. Replace its batteries annually. Do not store inflammable items near the furnace or ducts.

• Furnaces are prone to CO (carbon monoxide) leakage when they are powered on after a length of time in winter. Always have a CO detector at home. If it goes off ask the whole crowd to leave the premises. Therefore it is always better to get your furnace tuned up professionally before winter. These tune ups help to detect their faults and therefore resolve them. And if anyone is feeling light-headed or ill, call the fire department and make your way to an area with fresh air. This is one of the symptoms CO Poisoning.

• Always change the filters of the furnace every month. Clogged filter will restrict airflow and prevent the furnace from supplying enough hot air to your rooms.




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