Gas Vs Wood Burning Fireplaces

Having fire place in the house adds an old air charm and aristocratic feel to it. It also increases the resell value of our house. On a typical winter night it feels great to sit comfortably before the fireplace and read a book, listen to music or spend a chatty time with family. The mild sound of a crackling fire simply adds to everything. Fireplaces can be broadly divided into wood burning fireplaces and gas operated fireplaces. But to choose between the two, here are some tips:

• When it comes to aesthetics wood wins. But when it comes to efficiency gas furnaces gains ground. Let’s see how. In a wooden fireplace you will get the crackling noise, the pop. This is not possible in a gas furnace. Wood-burning systems will remind you of old days as you roast marshmallows in them. But when it comes to efficiency, the wood-burning miserably loses. It has an efficiency rating of of15%. Even if it generates high temperatures, most of it disappears up the chimney. It also pulls warm air from other parts of the home up the chimney.

In gas furnace some art artistic advances have been done to bring the look of the old time. The flames coming from the furnace now look more real with ceramic logs and glimmering embers. The main advantage of these furnaces is that you do not have to wait till it goes out. You can just switch it off and go to bed. It offers a better control on the temperature as you switch it on and off. There is no fire stealing oxygen here as a result the efficiency shoots up to 75% to 99%.

• Burning woods cause a lot of air pollution. And the smoky aroma that comes out could be hazardous for family members. Wood also creates a by-product called creosote. This coats the lining in the chimney and has to be removed by a professional. The gas furnaces on other hands need to be serviced at regular periods. It will include cleaning of embers and spent logs. It also needs a bit of dusting from time to time. It is wise to get a gas fireplace cleaned and adjusted annually by a professional to keep it at the peak of its efficiency.

• Installing a prefabricated wood-burning fireplace would costs between $2,000 and $3,000 approximately. But a brick fireplace and chimney will cost $15,000 at the minimum. But the latter lasts for many years. A gas fireplace would cost between $3,000 and $4,000.This includes installation charges and cost of a chimney liner.





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