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 Breakdown of HVACs in freezing winter season or scorching summer months could be a miserable experience. On the top of it your machine stops functioning at the non-office hours, you are completely stranded. But there are AC service providers who send you technicians 24x7 if your machine suddenly stops working in the middle of the night or over the weekends. You can look out for such service providers on Yellow Pages to get your machine serviced ASAP.

 You can call the customer service department of these companies anytime in 24 hours round-the-clock in all seasons. You can rest assured that they will answer your call. The servicing representative will take a note of you problem. Your contact information and house address will be asked and their technician will swoop in to your rescue. Such companies are really useful as sometimes getting a technician is difficult in peak HVAC seasons. In the peak months of HVAC usages service provider gets submerged in repair calls. It takes days for them to reach your doorstep. Only if you have a maintenance contract for your AC, you are entitled for priority emergency service.

 What to look for in a 24 hour AC service?

Although you are in a tremendous hurry to get your AC repaired, it is always mandatory to ensure that your service provider is licensed, bonded, insured and well-trained to service and repair all brands of HVAC equipment. In that case you can rest assured that your system is in capable and proficient hands and will come back to running mode soon.

 Do a little research: Know about license requirements in your state. If it is compulsory for a HVAC contractor to hold a license in your state, ask the technician if he has a license. Ask him to show it, if he has one. It is mandatory for a contractor to have liability insurance. In case he harms your unit while repairing, this will cover the cost of damage repairs.

Ask for referrals: Although you do not want to devote much time in enquirer the background of the technician, at least ask him for the contacts of a couple of clients. Contact these people to size up their experience with the service provider. It is always better if you can get the referrals of service providers through friends or relatives who have hired them before.

 Select from a couple of contractors: Contact at least three 24 hours AC service providers. Request for quotes compare them. Along with cost also compare the provision of warranties. Select the best option. Do not fall prey to low prices. There have been incidents where a low bid offers did not include all routine services and customary warranties. Sometimes unscrupulous contractors offer low bids to get rid of obsolete and unreliable equipment. Moreover low bid offers are sometimes gimmicks to grab clients. Once the job is done it is piled up with extra charges exceeding an average rate of AC repair. Do not hire a company offering to give you an estimate over the phone without even looking at the job to be done.

  Get it documented: Once the technician diagnoses the fault ask him about it and the way to repair it. Ask him to furnish a whole document that will contain the scope of the work. It will document everything that needs to be done, the time it is going to take, and also the cost break downs. It should also contain the warranty information. If you system needs a replacement a well-trained, up-to-date contractor will not try to discourage you from purchasing high-efficiency equipment. Less trained contractor who neither have knowledge about modern technologies in cooling nor know how to install and maintain those will not encourage you to buy them.

 People skill: Lastly, the technician should have people skill. You should feel comfortable with him when he works on your premises. He should be courteous. You should be able to ask him question and he should answer them amiably at the best of his capacities. The company should check in with you to ensure you are satisfied with their work, because it is their goal to create happy customers each and every time you make a service call.

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